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Thoughts on Inauguration Day

Today is a very sad day. I think Trump is going to be a very weak President. Trump embodies the very worst of human nature. He is a vile human being. He’s a crass boar who would be laughable if he didn’t hold so much power. Because he does, he is also dangerous.

This is the man who is going to run our country now.

It seems incomprehensible to me that we went from having such a dignified statesman in the Oval Office to ….putting a reality TV star in charge. But that’s exactly what happened and now the question is, what should a morally responsible person do? How can we act in ways that uphold our values which are the polar opposite of Trump’s values (wait, does Trump even have values? That’s a good question!).
I can’t control Trump but I can control me. What’s the moral response in a time like this?

I hope that we will all be “good Germans”. We won’t give in to or be swayed by hate speech, xenophobia, fear-mongering or Trump’s petty vendettas. We won’t turn in or on our neighbors who are Muslims, Mexicans, LGBTQ, people of color, atheists or religious, feminists or anything else. We will refuse immoral orders. We will resist in small ways every day by being the opposite of Trump: kind, generous, caring and all-around decent human beings.

To be honest, I believe Trump is an anomaly. This is not who we are really. We are a more united, progressive, inclusive country than we were in the mid-twentieth century and that’s not going to change. We will never go back. No matter how much they want, they cannot turn the clock back on progress. The future is ours, not theirs. They have four years. We have the next century.

So don’t despair. Let’s spend these next four years organizing, uniting, learning about each other’s cultures and histories, listening to each other, lifting each other up. We will be the opposite of what Trump wants us to be. Trump’s values are not American values. We are America, we are better than Trump and we will survive.