We are better than this

statue of liberty hangs head in shameSo Donald J. Trump, assaulter of women, proud bigot, outspoken racist, reality tv star and all-around buffoon is going to be our next President.

Of course he is because the alternative was a super-smart overachiever with 30 years of experience under her belt… oh. Her. A woman. A powerful woman. Nothing is scarier than that. Better vote for the bigot.

Don’t look to me for words of wisdom or advice. I’m in the same boat you are scouring the internet for the same. How can this happen? The same country who elected its first black President eight years ago? How can we go from such a dignified statesman, a true diplomat to… to… the Donald? How?

A 25 year GOP-led smear campaign to get people to hate her for made-up reasons is necessary, sure. She was not just a politician who sometimes made policy decisions with which you disagreed. No, no, no. She’s a crook! (she stole what exactly?) She’s a liar! (guilty of campaign speak at worst, but so is every other politician) She’s a criminal! (even though the nation’s highest law enforcement agency tried as hard as they could and they still couldn’t find any evidence of wrong-doing on her part) No matter. Facts don’t matter. We have different facts now.

For better or for worse, we would’ve continued to be a strong global leader under Clinton. Now under Trump, I do expect we’ll finally see the end of the U.S. as a global super power. That might not be a bad thing until I think about who will take our place. Russia? China?

No matter. We will have our own domestic turmoil to deal with. The economy that was getting better under Obama’s cautious policies (I agreed with Paul Krugman that his response should’ve been stronger than it was) will now fall into another recession. Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury says within 18 months.

I really thought we were better than Trump. I thought when people saw what a vile human being he is surely they would reject him. They did not. I don’t know what to do with that new information. I don’t know how to integrate it within my world view.

I refuse to be shaken. I can’t explain what happened but I’m not going to let it shake my faith in humanity. We might just be entering the dark before the dawn. May even greater progress rise out of the ashes that Trump is going to leave behind. So be it!