Re: the Election: Everything’s going to be okay

chin_up_buttercup_everythings_gonna_be_ok_posterThis election has caused me a lot of anguish. I have been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton but I’m going to stop worrying about the more progressive candidate losing the nomination for the following reasons:

1.) I think Clinton is winning fair and square. The debates have been really good. Both Clinton and Sanders do well in them but I actually like Clinton’s more nuanced answers even when I disagree with them (like on the export-import bank, not on fracking).

2.) Bernie is tone deaf on issues of race. Clinton is not. The progressive left needs to figure out that it can’t keep nominating a succession of old white men and calling them “the alternative”. There actually are non-white, non-male progressives out there. (Is Hillary one? No. But that’s not the point. I’m not arguing she’s the more progressive candidate. I’m arguing she’ll be an okay president.)

3.) She’s responsive to political pressure and political pressure is pushing her to the left. As long it continues to do so (and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon), I’ll probably be okay with her presidency.

4.) If she picks a really good running mate (Bernie himself?) and nominates Elizabeth Warren to be Secretary of Treasury I will feel even more optimistic.

5.) I never did feel comfortable with the demonization of a super smart super-capable independent woman. I see it fueled by the same people who called her a femi-nazi in the 90s and are holding endless hearings about Benghazi and her stupid email server.

6.) It’s the system that’s corrupt. She just plays by it. We need to overturn Citizens United (and since it looks like we’re going to get a less conservative Supreme Court I’m optimistic about that too).

7.) I want to focus on a.) creating a viable progressive political party in the U.S. and b.) taking back control of Congress from the Republicans.

So yeah, I do like Bernie’s politics much better than Clinton’s but I think we’ll be okay under Clinton for the next four years.