The Future Looks Bright

Despite the doomsday scenario I postulated about in the previous post, I think odds are things are going get better, not worse.

First, the most likely outcome is that Hillary is our next President (both Bernie and Hillary can beat Donald Trump in a general election). Clinton is not my first choice but she would be okay. And if we make doing the right thing the politically expedient choice she’ll do the right thing because she has shown over and over again that she flows whichever way the political winds blow.

I’d hate to see another terrorist attack under a Clinton presidency because that would shift the political winds towards reactionary politics and she wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate and resort to violence. Unfortunately violence runs deep in our national psyche and she’s not the type of leader to buck that trend. But I think that’s unlikely to happen. And in the current situation it would be immensely unpopular for the US to start another war and I trust Clinton would listen to that. She’s too smart not to.

Progressives could cope with a Clinton Presidency by increasing the push for a fundamentally different United States, becoming a more just equitable peaceful country. Thanks to demographic shifts (fewer white people, more people of color, as more and more old white racist conservatives die off) the country is already on a trend towards more progressive values. There’s no stopping that. Even if the GOP was united and well organized which it’s most definitely not, they can’t stop the fact that their base of white racist conservatives are a dying breed.

Secondly we could be finally seeing the end of the two party system. The GOP is crumbling. They are going to break up and split into two new parties: one for the crazy xenophobic racists which will be a small but vocal minority for another decade or so and one for moderate centrist Republicans that would be bigger because it could attract a lot of independent voters who out number both registered Democrats and registered Republicans.

I think progressives should also split the Democratic Party and form a new, Progressive party to compete with the DNC. There’s also good news that this is likely to happen too. Each election cycle the progressive candidate gains ground and gets more and more of the vote. So all our work on Nader’s campaign, Kucinich’s campaign and now Bernie’s campaign will finally pay off because it laid the groundwork for alternatives to the DNC.  So even if Bernie loses this time, next time we’ll be well positioned to run a truly progressive candidate. I just hope it’s finally not another a white man. Elizabeth Warren please, Van Jones or *gasp* Michelle Obama!