On the very unlikely scenario that Trump wins the general election

If Trump wins he’s very likely to drive the U.S. economy into the ground (see: Slate article) and we’ll enter another recession at best or possibly worse, hundreds of thousands (millions?) will be out of work and could lose homes and houses. A college education will be out of reach of most people condemning a new generation to low paying jobs. His belligerency and inability to control himself could piss off what remaining foreign allies we have and he could provoke multiple wars with foreign countries. The U.S. would topple from the global hierarchy and would no longer be a world superpower. This would leave a power vacuum on the world stage. Who would fill it? China? Russia? India would be a distant third. The EU is too weak.

I remember when Bush won I was really scared so I talked to other older activists. They said they felt the same way when Reagan was elected, but we survived. Well, we did survive a George W. Bush Presidency but just barely. Many millions of people suffered. They lost jobs. They lost their homes. If Trump wins I really would move to Canada. Massive civil unrest at home could become very violent.

It may not be fair that the U.S. is at the top of the world hierarchy and yes, we have invaded and bombed other countries, tortured people and cultivated anti-US sentiment around the world but the utter turmoil and extreme violence that would engulf the entire world as China and Russia and possibly others battle it out to become the new world leader, we’re talking World War 3. I am not exaggerating.

Fortunately this is very unlikely to happen. Trump can’t win the general election. The GOP knows this and is freaking out. The Democrats have this election in the bag. The only question is will we choose a true progressive or an establishment candidate?